[ X ] View the list of Awarded Vendors by clicking on VENDORS. Select a Vendor(s) that provides the particular commodity or service. Note: You may view the list of 3 Awarded Vendor alphabetically by the Vendor Name or alphabetically by Commodity Listing. Contact the Awarded Vendor Representative as listed on the vendor page. Identify yourself as a TIPS/TAPS Member to receive the special TIPS/TAPS price. Note: Vendors have a list of members for validation. Compare quotes from multiple TIPS/TAPS Vendors (if desired). Create a purchase order (use your districtís normal procedure). Be sure to write or type in TIPS/TAPS PURCHASE somewhere on the purchase order. Some vendors have specific Contract #'s that must appear on the purchase orders. The Contract # is listed on the Vendor Profile page. Please see the Vendor Page for specific requests. FAX the purchase order as instructed on the Vendor Page. *If the PO goes directly to the vendor, you are requested to FAX a COPY of the PO to TIPS/TAPS at 866-839-8472.