Printing Instructions:

(Currently, City View does not support Google Chrome. We recommend printing using Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.)

If you would like to print a screen shot of the web map for reference, navigate to the upper right hand corner of your screen and click on the print button .

You will get a dropdown box with the main printing options.  The Print function will send your screen shot directly to the printer, the Print Preview will give you an overview of what your printed page will look like, and the Page Setup will allow you to set your margins for the page.

By going to Page Setup, you can choose what is included on your finished screen shot.  This is where you can take off the page number, the header and footer information if you wish.

Clicking on the Print Preview option allows you to set your page up as portrait or landscape. You will notice a toolbar at the top of your page giving you the option to print your page in Portrait or Landscape view.

Setting the page to Landscape  will give you the best coverage of the screen shot and is the recommended setting.

 Editing the Image:

If you would like to get an image of the screen and want to edit the appearance, or save it as a jpeg file for use in another program, you can do this by following these steps:

Ctrl+Alt+Print Scrn :  Will give you a screen shot of the active window.

Print Scrn: Works if you have two monitors, and captures an image of both screens.

You can then go to the Start Menu>All Programs>Accessories>Paint to open the screen shot to be edited.  Once in the Paint program, clicking Edit>Paste will bring your copied image into view and you can crop or edit it as you wish.