Real-Time 911 Fire & Rescue Dispatch

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Closed Incidents Closed Incident Closed Incidents Active Incident Live data automatically updates every 60 seconds
Date/Time Incident # Agency Units - Legend Location Type
8/4/2015 1:35:11 AM201516370University Hospital Ambulance ServiceM22190 LESLIE LN E-COMedical Response
8/4/2015 1:46:24 AM201516371Columbia Fire DepartmentQ43300 VANDIVER DR-COAlarm
8/4/2015 1:34:24 AM201516369Columbia Fire DepartmentQ31201 PAQUIN ST-CO.1403Medical Response
8/4/2015 12:54:59 AM201516368Agency ListQ7 - E8015451 BETHEL CHURCH RD S-BC.5Alarm
8/4/2015 12:51:33 AM201516367Boone Hospital Center AmbulanceM1115133 CLARK LN-CO.201Medical Response
8/4/2015 12:33:08 AM201516366Agency ListSNZ1 - M211LOCUST ST-CO/FOURTH ST S-COMedical Response